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Online Notary in Florida- 7 Things Law Firms Need to Know

Updated: May 15, 2020

Online Notary in Florida

7 Things Florida Law Firms Need to Know

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses nationwide are evaluating their notary practices and looking to learn more about Remote Online Notary, or RON. With so many firms working remotely, it’s harder than ever to get your documents notarized in person.

Since notary public services are governed by individual states, the rules can very from state to state. Today we’re going to break down 7 Things Florida law firms need to know about Florida online notary.

1. Notary RON License

In Florida, a Commissioned Notary Public must meet additional requirements and be approved by the state to do Remote Online Notary (RON). Not all Florida notaries have received this additional online notary license.

Florida online notaries are required to take an additional training class, obtain a higher value notary bond, purchase E&O insurance, and contract with a state approved RON service provider.

2. Connected Device

The signer is required to appear remotely in real time, and thus will need a video enabled computer, tablet or smart phone with internet capabilities. Most RON providers test the signers audio visual capabilities before the session can begin.

3. Worldwide

One of the most surprising aspects of online notary in Florida, is that the signer can be located in any state, or anywhere in the world.

The Florida notary must be physically located in Florida during the notary session, however the signer can be anywhere in the world, so long as the documents pertain to US related transactions.

For example if a US citizen was residing in another country, but needed to sign off on a real estate transaction taking place in the states, that citizen could appear remotely in front of a Florida online notary, and execute the closing documents remotely. It’s a game changer for international business transactions.

4. Identity Verified

Just like with an in person notarization, the signer’s identity must be verified. With online notary, the state requires the signer to electronically verify their identity before the notarial act can begin.

The signer must present adequate ID and undergo credential analysis and knowledge based authentication (KBA) thru the RON service provider. The signer must prove their identity by answering knowledge based security questions. This is done securely, at the start of the session. Once the signer has verified their identity, the notary can begin the session.

5. Recorded Session

The RON service provider hosts the online meeting, where the parties meet face to face in a video chat within the notary portal. In the system, they can see and speak to each other, just like with other chat platforms. The notary can administer oaths, and electronically sign the documents.

The notary session is recorded and saved in the electronic notary journal for 10 years, in case the validity of the notarial act is ever called into question.

6. Secure Documents

The RON Service Provider is responsible for maintaining security and encryption of the session, and must meet all of the state regulated security criteria. The session is encrypted and is considered HIIPA compliant. All communication sent from the portal is also secure. The electronic notary journal is also maintained and secured by the RON service provider.

7. Immediate Delivery

Luckily, you don’t have to wait for the documents to be scanned and sent back to you. The notary portal automatically sends the completed notarized documents to the clients email immediately after the notary session ends. It’s almost instant.

The utilization of a RON service provider takes the guesswork out of the security and identity verification aspects of online notary procedures, making online notary more accessible to Florida law firms and other businesses. The immediacy of online notary services revolutionizes the way international and long distance business transactions have taken place.

As many businesses continue to work remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, online notary is another tool to help streamline your workflow.

For help with your online notary needs, Contact Florida Notary Corp today. Our team of licensed notaries and certified signing agents are standing by to help you get started!

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